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2015-16 Articles

reasons we curse on a run

Cursing, cussing, swearing, blaspheming. Surprisingly, even those who generally refrain from “using bad words” often succumb to this behavior on a run. There are many things that could cause us or our tight-lipped friends to instantly blurt out a word not usually present in our vocabulary. You know you’ve done it. To keep it simple, I’ve categorized it for you:

Scenario in which the cursing reaction occurs
Possible impetus that leads to cursing
Something appears suddenly out of nowhereCar, dog, mouse, seedy character, wearing headphones and oblivious to surroundings, sprinklers
Shoes come untied
Self, wet laces, loose laces, single knot, untucked, poor lacing skills taught in Kindergarten
Twisted ankle, stubbed toe
Avoidance of something, uneven terrain, clumsiness, killer Arizona sharp plants, last minute unplanned directional change
Runner is interfered with
Teenagers throwing projectiles, car turns in front of runner, runner has to contend with an obstacle of some sort
Start of downpour, excessive heat or cold, stepped in puddle and shoes soaked
Cotton socks, wet socks, shoes too narrow or small, hot climate, no socks
Near-death or life-threatening experience, narrowly avoided injury
Erratic driving, teenage drivers, impolite bikers, impolite fellow runners, clumsiness, carelessness, fatigue, dehydration, not aware of surroundings
Garmin issues
Battery died, charge didn’t take, satellite not found, random glitch in functionality, watch frozen, user error, forgot to start watch a mile in, left watch at home
Lack of performance
Goals not achieved, one of the above happened, poor sportsmanship reaction